Growing Aviation Industry

Kentucky is the second largest aerospace exporter in the United States. The aviation industry is growing and thriving in the state, making it an excellent time for other aerospace companies and supporting businesses to locate here. Kentucky’s pro-business environment is attractive to aviation businesses, and our highly skilled technical workforce can deliver results. 

In fact, Kentucky is home to more available engineers and technically trained workers than anywhere else in the country. Our community and technical colleges are also providing workforce development support and training the next generation of aerospace workers. 

Local Airports in Ohio County, KY

The Ohio County Airport, located in Hartford, a short 3 mile drive to William Natcher Highway 165, is extremely accessible and has 24 hour facility access year-round.  With a 5000 ft runway, the airport will accommodate most travel needs. In addition, the airport has a flight instructor and highly qualified aviation mechanics for those needing routine or occasional aircraft maintenance and repairs. For more information, click here.

A one-hour drive north to Don Davis Aviation offers business owners additional services such as FBO, Maintenance, Aircraft Management, and Aircraft sales and charter.  The Ohio County Highschool is equipping students with aviation program career pathways that offer many valuable learning opportunities for high school students upon graduation and into their aviation careers.