Amphitheater in Ohio County, KY

The Beaver Dam Amphitheater is a world-class concert venue that attracts top performers and family favorites to Ohio County, Kentucky. From concerts by acts like the Sheryl Crow, Brett Michaels, and Casting Crowns to large bluegrass and rock festivals, the Beaver Dam Amphitheater always has something going on.

They are focused on providing the best experience for concert goers and guests. Concerts are held in a beautiful open air venue that was built in 2014 on a wooded hillside. They are averaging 8 or 9 major concerts a year that can attract 5,000 visitors each

What Beaver Dam Amphitheater employees had to say about the impact the amphitheater has on the local economy -

“Come to the Dam. You’ll have a damn good time.”

“The impact on our community from tourism is a huge economic benefit.” 

“We have a lot of mom and pop shops and people like to go visit those when coming to see concerts.”

“There is a direct impact on businesses from the amphitheater. We use local businesses for printing, catering, and the backend services that go into putting on shows.”

“We will bring in 5,000+ people from the U.S. and foreign countries to see the shows. They spend their money at local restaurants, campgrounds and shops, which has a huge impact on our local economy.”

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